We need to see some proof.

We may only be ¼ strength, but you still need to be over 18 to get in!

Quarter G/N

12% Vol

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Who said it had to be all or nothing?
Quarter strength gin.
Mid-proof cocktail partner.
All flavour. All buzz. No blur.

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  • Flavour Profile
    From the moment you hear the pop of our cork, your nose will be filled with the aromas of juniper,  coriander,  sweet orange and grapefruit peel. When you take that first sip, you will taste a traditional London Dry Gin, experiencing the same warmth, viscosity and mouthfeel on the palette as you would a full strength gin. Our citrusy hit will cut nicely through tonics, sodas and in cocktails, delivering a refreshingly light take on all the classics.
  • Ingredients / Nutrition
    Natural botanicals (juniper, coriander, angelica, orange peel, grapefruit peel, capsicum) and natural extracts. Nutrition: 19 kcals per 25ml / 76kcals per 100ml. No sugar, no salts, no fats and no nasties!
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We source all of our natural ingredients from across Europe and have worked incredibly hard to curate the finest blend of botanicals, to create a perfectly balanced liquid. All the usual Gin suspects feature, with a healthy dose of juniper, coriander and angelica – however, we bring our own twist with our citrusy trio of sweet orange, orange peel and grapefruit peel.

Our liquid is Vegan, Gluten and Sugar free, no nasties here – just the good stuff!
Quarter G/N’s liquid is packed with the mother of all botanicals, juniper. The very, very important people at the Gin Guild say that in order to call yourself a ‘Gin’, your spirit must ‘derive its predominant flavour from juniper.’ Well, there’s that box ticked then.
A staple in most Gins, this little seed packs a citrusy nutty punch. Our super flavourful coriander comes from Russia, and perfectly balances the citrusy punch in our liquid.
Another botanical that is the star of most Gins. Interestingly it’s a root that is closely related to carrots, dill and fennel. Its essential earthy and herbaceous tones round off our G/N nicely.
Sweet Orange
A little squeeze of a ripe Spanish sweet orange goes a long way. This juicy number brings in the perfect level of sweetness, to offset the zingy taste of its bitter cousin - grapefruit.
Grapefruit Peel
We wanted to add grapefruit to give our G/N a zingy, bitter and citrus flavour. The colour of this beloved fruit also inspired our brand colours, as shown here on our bottle!
Serving suggestions
The Q&T
Our take on the classic G&T delivers that bold Gin punch and warm buzz we all know and love, just at a quarter of the strength – what’s not to like?
Quarter Soda
We’ve partnered with our friends at Dash to create something a little different, the Quarter Soda. Mixing our citrusy Quarter G/N with their Bitter Orange & Grapefruit Soda, creates a super refreshing serve – and at only 41 calories per drink, why have 1, when you could have 4?
Our twist on this old Italian classic will leave you reaching for your next one. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy multiple Negronis, knowing that you are taking on less calories, sugar and most importantly – not falling off your chair too early in the night?