We need to see some proof.

We may only be ¼ strength, but you still need to be over 18 to get in!

We asked ourselves, why are spirits so goddang strong?

It’s a tough question and it turns out no one had actually thought of it before. Rewind to late 2020 when we started to do some digging and discovered that in terms of ABV it was either ALL or NOTHING! So we decided to shake up the spirits industry and create the first quarter strength spirits brand.

Why Quarter G/N?

Well firstly Fabian’s a gin fanatic (which helps) and Rohan loves a mean cocktail and who doesn’t like a gin cocktail?
We decided to work with the best in the business (Anthony our chief distiller) and turn the concept of gin on its head. The gin guild are busybodies and claim to be called a gin our spirit must be over 37.5% ABV. These rules were created centuries ago and who said they were right? We wanted to show them that using the exact same production method we could distill and craft the first 12% gin. Quality was paramount so we got to work tinkering in our distillery. 10,000 juniper berries, 1,000 oranges, 100 grapefruit peels and 60 liquids later we've done it!

We’re here for a good time
and a long time.

We’ve only got one planet and we want to do our bit to help protect it. We not only want to support our environment, but also the awesome people that inhabit it.

We donate one percent of annual sales to the ‘1% for the planet’ organisation, which is a non-profit that fights to tackle climate change.

Through this partnership we will choose a different charity to support in each Quarter of the year. Charities will be chosen in a different Quarter of the world to ensure we are spreading the love on a global level.

If you’d like to suggest a charity for us to support, then please email us at: charity@quarterproof.com