We need to see some proof.

We may only be ¼ strength, but you still need to be over 18 to get in!

We are

Spirits as you know and love, with a fraction of the alcohol.

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12% VOL | 24 PROOF
19 kCAL PER 25ML

Why Quarter Gin?

Who said it had to be all or nothing? We created Quarter as we wanted a more balanced and enjoyable way to drink spirits, but couldn’t find what we were after. The No/Low spirits left us missing the buzz and flavour that comes from full-strength alcohol, but the harder stuff often left us with a few regrets!

So we thought it was about time that someone entered no man’s land and created something in the middle. Our spirits deliver a lighter experience, without having to compromise on flavour.

We spent over a year working closely with our UK based distillery and master distiller Anthony to perfect our recipe. Anthony has created some of the drinks industry’s most iconic liquids, having spent 15 years at Diageo – and we are delighted that he took on the challenge with Quarter.

Our vision was to create a lighter version of a traditional London Dry Gin, but with our own little twist, with a fresh hint of citrus through sweet orange and grapefruit. It was definitely harder than we thought, as we ended up trialling and testing over 50 liquids until we found our perfect blend. We believe we have finally nailed the brief and we cannot wait for you to try it!

We created Quarter for friends and family who, like us, live busy lives, but were looking for a new way of drinking that could deliver all the pleasure, but with a bit more balance.

We are social spirits and want to encourage people to come together. We never liked the idea of just ‘meeting for one’, or ‘I can’t stay long as I’m driving’ – why limit yourself?

We want to go to that gym class early in the morning, but we also can’t resist a few drinks with our nearest and dearest the night before. Who says you can’t still be the life and soul of party, and then beat your personal best on the spin bike the next day?

Fabian & Rohan
All flavour,
all experience.

Sourcing the best botanicals makes sure we deliver an unparalleled punch. Handpicking what goes into the distillation process results in an uncompromised flavour – click here to find out what goes into our G/N.

The word experience can conjure up endless possibilities, but for it us it means 3 simple things:

  • Taste: A light but flavourful PUNCH that does not leave you wanting
  • Buzz: At 12% vol we can still take the edge off
  • Life: Seize the day and the night!
We’re here for a good time
and a long time.

We’ve only got one planet and we want to do our bit to help protect it. We not only want to support our environment, but also the awesome people that inhabit it.

We donate one percent of annual sales to the ‘1% for the planet’ organisation, which is a non-profit that fights to tackle climate change.

Through this partnership we will choose a different charity to support in each Quarter of the year. Charities will be chosen in a different Quarter of the world to ensure we are spreading the love on a global level.

If you’d like to suggest a charity for us to support, then please email us at: charity@quarterproof.com